Communicating With Employers

Contacting an Employer

Once you apply to a job on Workpop, your application is sent to the hiring manager for review. Once the hiring manager reviews your application, they may take action on it.


Workpop prides itself on keeping the job search transparent. As a result, we will send you a message when the hiring manager reads or favorites your application. These notifications are from Workpop, not the hiring manager.

Ultimately it is up to the hiring manager to contact you directly if they think you may be a good fit for the role. If this happens, you’ll likely get a message from within Workpop.  We’ll alert you via text, email, and in your Workpop account.

The employer can also reach out to you directly via phone or email.

Once the employer has initially contacted you, if they provide contact information, you can contact them back. Otherwise, their contact information is not available to you.


If you don’t hear back from an employer or get declined, we encourage you to apply to other jobs on Workpop. There are plenty of options and it often takes a few applications to find the perfect fit.


A Hiring Manager can message you directly on Workpop.

You’ll get notified in your Workpop account, via text, and via email (as long as you haven’t unsubscribed from our emails) when a hiring manager messages you.

Often times they will be requesting more information, a phone interview, or an in-person interview.

You can access your messages by clicking on the envelope icon in the upper right hand corner of your account.


You can view older messages in your Archived Messages folder.



If you received an email/notification, but can not find the message in your account, please double check that the email address of your account matches the email address where you received the notification. It's likely that the message is in a different account. This is especially common if you apply via the app and website.