Easily read applications and find the info that matters most.

Review all applications in one organized place.

Workpop's candidate review process makes it easy to keep track of all of your applicants at a glance. You can easily see how many new applications haven't yet been read and get a snapshot of where each applicant is in your hiring process.


Rather than getting an email for each new application, users will receive a daily email alert to review new candidates.

To view the candidates who have applied to your posting:

From the My Jobs page:

      1. Find the job you’d like to review applications for
        • You’ll see a brief listing of job details.



        The blue number under applications is the number of unread applications.  The other number is the total number of undecided applications.


        If you have applicants, but don’t see a number in the applications column, it’s because you are considering or have declined all applications.


        Learn more about how considering applicants positively impacts your Employer Response Score and in turn your application flow here.

      2. Click the job
        • You'll see a list of candidates whose applications you have yet to review or take action on.


        Read more about searching, sorting, and filtering your applicants here.

      3. Click on the candidate to review his or her application.
      • You’ll see their standardized Workpop application, which speeds up the time it takes to find info and make decisions. Candidates can optionally add cover letters, video intros and a profile photo to personalize their application.


It’s easy to download resumes or print applications if you want to view them offline, just click the 3 dot button (...) next to decline and select Print.

Organizing Applications 

By default, there are four folders to organize candidates through: Applicants, Favorited, Declined, and Hired.

      • Applicants: New applications and those a hiring manager hasn't taken an action on are located here.
      • Favorited: For candidates you are interested in but haven't finalized a decision on, place them here to designate them as in consideration.
      • Declined: Applications you have passed on.
      • Hired: Applicants you have extended an offer to after reviewing their application and interviewing them.


You can access applicants in the various stages from your applicants list page, just select the status from the left hand navigation.


Reviewing and Taking Action on Applicants

Workpop is able to keep candidates so engaged by encouraging transparency in the hiring process.  By encouraging your team to review and take action on applications, Workpop is able to keep the candidate informed, so you don’t have to.

These are the actions you can take on an application:

      • Message: Communicate with the applicant


Learn more about our messaging platform here

      • Favorite: For candidates you are interested in but haven't finalized a decision on yet, shortlist their application by Favoriting them
      • Decline: Places candidates into the Declined folder and notifies them that their application has been declined



Workpop recommends you promptly decline all candidates who aren't the right fit. This clears your applicant list, so you can review new candidates more quickly and it lets candidates know the outcome of their application, giving them opportunity to apply to other jobs.

      • Hire: Places candidate into the Hired folder


This will trigger onboarding for the new hire, if you are on an AHS plan.

      • Print: Print their Workpop application to take notes on

Workpop will send applicants a notification when the following actions are taken:

      • You first read their application
      • You favorite their application
      • You message them
      • You decline them


Aside from your name in your Workpop profile, your contact information and address is never shared with applicants by Workpop.  The only way applicants will be able to contact you outside of Workpop is via information you provide to them directly.

Bulk Actions

Instead of Favoriting, Messaging or Declining individual applicants, you can take actions on multiple candidates at once to save time!


From your Applicants List Page:

      1. Select all of the candidates that you want to take same action on by selecting the check boxes to the left of their names
      2. Select the action you want to take at the top of the list (Message, Favorite, or Decline)
      • Message will open a chat box at the bottom of the page, and you will compose and send your message to all candidates there.


The candidates will not see each other’s responses, and will appear as individual messages in both your inboxes.

      • Favorite will move all of these candidates to your Favorites folder
      • Decline will move all of these candidates to your Declined folder


Don’t forget to you can collaborate with team members while reviewing applications.  Learn more about team collaboration here.