When applying for jobs, you'll sometimes want to update what you've submitted or add additional information.  You are able to do this on Workpop, by withdrawing and editing your application.


If an employer closes or turns of the posting while you are editing your application, you will not be able to re-submitt your application.

Edit and Update an Application

On Workpop, you can only edit an application if the job posting is still accepting applications. If the job posting is still live, you can update your application by following these steps:


Desktop Mobile Web
  1. Log in and click on My Applications
  2. Click on the application that you'd like to edit
  3. Click on the red Withdraw button to temporarily remove your application while you make your edits
  4. You are automatically taken back to your application to make any edits
  5. Click the green Submit button to once again send your application for consideration