Completing Your Video Responses

Workpop's goal is to help you find a job that you love, so we're giving you our best tools to set you apart from the competition! One of these tools is called Video Responses, and it allows you to submit a short video clip of yourself answering a given question for an employer. 

Employers want to see more than just what's on your resume, they want to see your shining personality! With Video Responses, you can show them your personality before you even have a first interview. 


Not all employers will ask for a Video Response, so this option will only appear if the employer that you are applying to is taking advantage of this option. 

Filming your Video Response

On the Video Response section, you will see a topic or question, which the employer expects to be answered in the video, and a button to click when you're ready to start filming or to upload your video. 


If you're going to film yourself, make sure you're dressed appropriately, and have thought about what you want to say in the video. For more tips on filming, click here, or scroll to the bottom of this article. 

  1. To get started, click the "Create or Upload Video" button.
  2. This will open a side panel that will give you several options for providing a video.Screen_Shot_2018-02-08_at_2.36.05_PM.png

    From Camera Upload a File From Phone
    This lets you record from your computer's camera.


    When you click this button, your browser may ask you to give permissions to to access your microphone and camera. You must select "Allow" to be able to film using your computer's camera.


    You will see a short countdown from 5 before the recording starts. During the recording, you will see the prompt question above the recording screen, and a timer showing how much time you have left underneath.Screen_Shot_2018-02-09_at_11.41.54_AM.png Click on the recording screen to stop recording, or let the countdown timer run down, and it will automatically pause and you will have three options.Screen_Shot_2018-02-08_at_2.37.55_PM.png
    • Click Review Recording to watch your video.
    • If you're happy with it, click Accept to attach this video to your application.
    • If you'd like to try again, click Re-Record to start filming again.
  3. When you're satisfied with your video, click the accept button to attach the Video Response to your application. 
  4. Your file will begin processing immediately after you click Accept. Click Submit to finish your application. 


    You do not have to wait for your file to finish processing to Submit your applicationScreen_Shot_2018-02-09_at_12.23.19_PM.png

  5. Even after your response is attached, you can still re-record by clicking the Erase & Re-Record link.Screen_Shot_2018-02-08_at_2.38.23_PM.png
  6. Click the Submit button to submit your application to the employer.

Video Response Best Practices

First impressions can make or break your chance of landing that dream job, so when filming a Video Response, here are some tips to help you put your best foot forward.

Dress Appropriately Think of this like a pre-interview. You wouldn't wear your pajamas to an interview, right? Choose clothing that you would wear if you were meeting this employer in person.
Find Good Lighting Make sure that wherever you're filming has adequate lighting so the employer can see your face. If the video is too dark, they'll have a hard time seeing your shining personality!
Speak Clearly When reviewing your video, make sure that your words come out loud and clear. If an employer can't understand your answer to their question, they may not want to continue considering you for the job.
Prepare Your Answer Before you hit that record button, think about your answer to the question. This way, you won't appear nervous or like you don't know what to say. You will appear confident and knowledgeable about your answer!
Review Your Video Watching your Video Response before you send it to the employer is the only way to know that everything went smoothly. Make sure the audio sounds good, the lighting is adequate, and that you feel confident with how you appear on camera!