With Workpop, your email address is used as your account login/username.  To help combat typos and ensure you always receive applicant details we require that you verify your email address.  You'll need to re-verify your email address if you update it on your account. 

Workpop will automatically send you a verification email when you sign up (or change your email address).  The subject line is [IMPORTANT] Verify your Workpop account e-mail.


Simply click on the Verify Email link to verify your email address.


Your email address MUST be verified in order for your jobs to be posted. 

If you don't receive the verification email, be sure to check your spam or clutter folders. 

You can resend the verification email from within your account by clicking on the resend button found in your task list. 


The verification email will be sent within a few minutes. Please reach out to us at support@workpop.com if you are still unable to verify your email address.