Resume Visibility Preferences

Workpop's goal has always been to help you find a job that you love, and now we're making it easier for you. Now managers can invite you to apply for jobs, so the jobs come to you and you can spend less time searching!

By leaving your Resume Visibility preference as "Open," managers will be able to see your prior work experience and send you an invitation to apply for their job!Screen_Shot_2018-08-14_at_3.41.36_PM.png

Open Visibility
  • Your resume can be seen by hiring managers who have posted positions similar to jobs that you have applied to on Workpop
  • Contact information, last name, and references are NOT visible to hiring managers unless you choose to apply to one of their positions
  • Hiring managers can invite you to apply to their jobs through the Workpop messaging platform
Closed Visibility
  • Resume only visible to hiring managers whose jobs you have applied to

You can manage your visibility on the Manage Resume page.