Adding References to Your Application

Adding References

The first step in finding a job you love is applying to that job!  Workpop is helping you stand out from other applicants by including references directly on your application.

References show hiring managers that people you have previously worked with can vouch for your skills and abilities as an employee.  While co-workers and customers are great references, managers and more senior employees tend to be viewed more positively by hiring managers.

References are tied to the position you submit them with, so if you delete a position, the reference will also disappear.


Make sure you enter accurate contact information. Workpop will contact them to verify the information and hiring managers may reach out to these people when they are considering hiring you.

Desktop Mobile Web
  1. Go to My Applications
    • You’ll see two buttons Manage Resume and Add References
  2. Click on the Add References button
    • You’ll be taken to a form to fill out details about your reference.
  3. Enter the required information into the form


When you upload a new resume, references attached to current jobs will be lost. To avoid this, you can choose to "Add to Current" instead of completely replacing the resume on file.