What is Workpop?

Workpop’s software is the product of our fundamental philosophy about hiring: we believe that the divide between job boards and the software for hiring managers (the traditional applicant tracking system) is a bad thing.  It creates a bad user experience both for candidates and employers, leading to suboptimal data and redundant tasks.

Candidates are forced to re-enter information and are given little feedback and must start from square one if they are declined.  Employers are forced to continually re-purchase candidates via job boards, and have minimal control over the sourcing experience - relying on job posts, fighting for attention in a sea of opportunities or attempting to build employment brands with antiquated technology.

The ATS, the most important software purchase for recruiting, doesn't even help with the largest problem - finding great employees.  Not so with Workpop.

For Employers, Workpop Provides: 
A Marketplace for Talent Workpop’s network saves employers money while providing a better candidate experience. Talent is pooled and shared across employers. Declined candidates are provided other opportunities instead of being lost forever. Passive candidates that might be a good fit are served up from across the network.
Groundbreaking Sourcing Technology Any tool that revolutionizes the hiring process must start with the candidates coming into the system. That's why we built technology to automate and optimize traditional sourcing on job boards to improve ROI.
The Best Candidate Experience Our entire platform is built around chat. Every step of hiring is run through a conversation. Instead of technology making the process impersonal, we've made it engaging and fun.
An ATS Any Manager or Business Size Can Use, On Any Device How did a process that once involved a hiring sign and a handshake turn into endless forms, confusing requisitions, and impossible-to-decipher steps? Any user can understand our interface, so customers can build a more powerful hiring process.
An Extensible, Open Platform Our competitors often force platform lock-in versus allowing customers to seamlessly integrate best-in-breed software. With Workpop, it's your data; we provide tools and support to integrate whatever you need with any system.
Compliance While we don't believe that the main focus of recruiting software should be compliance, we do realize that it’s important. Workpop provides unparalleled data logging and tracking to ensure customers are covered.


To Job Seekers, Workpop Is: 
A Trustworthy Platform We don't resell candidate data to anyone, and we don't surface ads to candidates, other than jobs.
An Opportunity Marketplace Candidate profiles and applications are reusable when applying to any Workpop employer.  Get declined from a job on the platform? We'll help you find other opportunities instead of another dead end.
A Place to Grow and Learn We offer tools that help candidates find better jobs. Our platform is designed to give back to candidates, whether it’s peer resume feedback or application analytics.
A Transparent Job Search Experience Workpop communicates your likelihood of hearing back from an employer before applying to the job, and ensures that you get an answer on every application.