Get a Free Email account with Gmail

To keep your personal information and applications secure, Workpop requires all users to have a unique email address to apply for jobs.  We will also use this email to contact you quickly with details regarding your job search.


You can learn more about managing your email preferences here.

If you don't already have an email address, there are several services that offer them for free. Our favorite is Gmail, which offers a quick and easy set up.

To get started creating your free email account with Gmail:

    1. Go to
    2. Under the sign-in field, click More Options



      You can also adjust your preferred language from this screen

    3. Select Create New Account


    4. Fill in the user form with your Name, desired email address, desired password, and birth date, gender, and phone number.



      This form asks for a secondary email address but it is NOT required.


      Be sure to write down your Username and Password. Workpop will not be able to assist you in recovering these if you forget them. 

    5. Click the button that says Next Step
    6. Review and accept the Privacy Terms of Service by clicking I AGREE


    7. Click Continue to Gmail to be directed to your new email inbox



Once your email is activated, you're ready to apply for jobs on workpop!