Workpop Prospects - Invites

Workpop now makes it even easier for you to land a job you love. Now managers can invite you to apply for their jobs, so the jobs come to you and you can spend less time searching!

Managers who post jobs similar to those for which you have previously applied may see your work experience, and choose to invite you to apply. 

Being invited to apply for a job means that you already have a better chance of getting hired because the manager has already approved of your work experience! 

How it works

If you have applied to jobs on Workpop, and your Resume Visibility is set to Open, Managers may be shown your work experience. They then have the option to invite you to apply.


Managers will only see your first name, work experience, and availability. They will not see your contact information or references until you apply for the job.

When they do this, you will receive a Workpop message with a link to their job. 


What do I do with the Invitation?

You will have the option to either decline the invitation if you are not interested in the opportunity or to apply for the job.


Sometimes, you might receive an invitation to apply for a job with a company that you are interested in, just not at that exact time. Leave a good impression by sending the manager a message letting them know how much you appreciate their invitation before declining the opportunity.

Why did I get this?

Workpop matches you to hiring managers based on jobs for which you have previously applied. For example, if you have applied for server roles in the past, other restaurant managers hiring for server roles might see your work experience and be interested in having you apply for their role. 

Accepting or Declining an Invitation

When you receive an invitation, you can start the application process directly from the message that you receive. You can also decline the job from that message without leaving your Workpop inbox.   

What Happens After I Apply?

After your application is submitted, the manager will be notified so they can reach out to you to schedule next steps. As usual, you will be able to see this job application and its status on the My Applications page.  

How Do I Stop Receiving Job Invitations?

If you are not interested in receiving invitations for job opportunities, you can manage your Resume Visibility settings here